Moscow prospect is a Modern art gallery of contemporary Artists

Here is you will find a beautiful piece of fine art… which you are looking for

They are embody their artistic activity in painting, graphic, sculpture, photography, decorative and applied arts, restorers.

For your taste and choice you can buy the works of talented Russian and foreign artists working in different techniques and artistic directions.
The main task of the gallery is to demonstrate reall Artworks, and nor everything in a row, as most Internet resources do, even such monsters as the Saatchi Gallery or Artspace.
We carefully choose authors with an individual language and handwriting. They are personalities with their artistic charisma, not like anyone else, with originality which is highly valuable both in the artistic sense and in the material.
Basically, they are the masters with a biography, and good ‘background’, whose works were exhibited at major art exhibitions, auctions, and sold in good private collections. Some their works are in the collections of Museums. You will see this by referring to the biographical data of the artists.
The road is open to young and promising talented authors too, we are ready to present them, and we present, the criteria are the same for everyone – to create only Art, then our cooperation will be fruitful.

We have a lot of pieces by authors who promote modern conceptual art. But in our collection there are good realistic paintings too.
The gallery presents almost all sections and directions – painting (oil paintings and painted with acrylic), a wide selection of graphic works in different techniques – watercolor, pastel, sanguine, etchings, collage, monotype. Sculpture and small plastic.
The Rarities section offers works by authors that are in demand in the art market, with a good art history reputation among masters.
In the Moscow prospect gallery you will find what you need.
If you want to buy a picture or other artwork, phone us or write via mail.